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Forum rules

You must agree to the following in order to register
The following things are forbidden on our Forum:

- using obscure and offensive language in posts, titles, messages, sender names and signatures;

- personal offending other forum visitors;

- spamming, excessively duplicating messages, topic cloning;

- discussing cheats, scripts and other ways that allow gaining unfair advantage in the game;

- discussing hacks, security issues or other ways to find security breaches of the forum;

- humiliating people based on their racial, social, national, religious, ethnical believes;

- publishing discriminative messages, propagandizing totalitarian religious cults or groups;

- publishing ads;

- using reserved nicks or ones imitating reserved nicknames;

- using smilies available on the web similar to ones already present on our forum, simply replace them with ours. The fact smilies' colors are a little bit different from ours does not make them that much different;

We strongly encourage you to refrain from:

- duplicating same topic in various threads;

- pasting excessive and massive quotes;

- publishing huge articles instead of just giving links to them.

Administrators have the right to remove any posts on this Forum without any prior warnings if they think those do not correspond Forum rules.

Administrators are not responsible for form and content of posts. Any administrative actions are considered to be right and could be disputed via Email or personal messages.

Administrators have the sole right to define users' guilt and decide on sanctions applied to violators.

Possible sanctions:

- Email warnings;

- public notice on forum;

- ban forum posting for one week or more;

- removal of violator's profile;

- a group of terrorists or counter terrorists will pay you a visit (depending on whose turn it is)

Please be loyal to your respondents.

Messages and topics pre-moderation is disabled on this Forum. All posts immediately appear 'as is' as soon as they are published. Administration is not responsible for the content of any message. Authors bear the sole responsibilities for their messages.

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